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Presbyterian Rust Medical Center

Offering a Wide Range of Pediatric Specialties

Presbyterian Children's Care offers family-centered specialty care, including gastroenterology, pulmonology, cancer care, and surgical care.

Got Shots?

Got Shots?

Got Shots provides opportunities for babies, children and teens to stay up-to-date on their needed immunizations.

Learn more about visiting patients.

Visiting Presbyterian Rust Medical Center

If you're visiting a loved one, here is some information you need to know such as maps, guidelines, and visiting policies.

Committed To The Health Of Our Patients

More than a year of researching, planning, and visiting hospitals around the country helped shape the innovative design of Presbyterian Rust Medical Center. From patient-centered rooms to advanced features in medical technology, Presbyterian Rust Medical Center is designed for you and your family — and a lifetime of care.

Presbyterian is grateful for Sandoval County residents’ recognition that quality healthcare close to home is important. With your support, we have modernized and transformed healthcare in Sandoval County, but our impact goes beyond healthcare. Learn more